Carrier Packet

We specialize in the transportation of goods and cooperate with many logistics companies that provide cross-docking services in Mississauga and other cities all over Canada and the U.S. to help businesses and individuals carry out transportation operations of any complexity. Shippers are pleased with the level and quality of services that we provide. Contact our customer service for the organization of transportation. We will help you reduce your shipping costs significantly. Our online service center will help you choose from a large number of ways to transport your cargo and advise you on the best shipping option in your situation. We offer easy system of goods transportation, which allows customers to be confident in the safety of their cargo and delivery time. When it comes to the payment we offer the wide range of options including personal loans from our partners in Vancouver and other cities of Canada.

Our carriers will place the information about the state and location of your cargo online. When you choose one of our carrier packets you get the access to information about your cargo.

We will also assist you in resolving any customs issues and help you prepare the necessary documentation to facilitate import/export operations. If you have any questions concerning customs duties and procedures, please contact Dilas Calgary customs brokers to get comprehensive consultation.