Reliable catalyst converters for freight transport

catalyst converters

The ecological situation in large cities and industrial centers increasingly degraded, and this is largely because of road transport, polluting the environment. Sad to say, but only one truck after five years of operation emits about 130 tons of harmful substances per year into the atmosphere. Probably every competent motorist imagines that significantly improve the environmental situation can only comprehensive measures: set up production of high-octane gasoline and oil upgrade (or replace) engines used today, to equip them with fuel injection systems and, most importantly, the catalytic converters. The latter is known to drastically improve the environmental performance of vehicles, and their use is becoming more binding.

Used in cars converters are based on the catalytic oxidation process of harmful compounds of CO and CH and NOx recovery. As the catalyst are known to use precious metals (platinum, rhodium, palladium), by which the neutralization process is most effectively. These converters are quite durable, their application does not lead to a significant increase fuel consumption and reduce engine power. For optimal control of the combustion process and the exhaust gas recirculation can be performed most stringent environmental requirements for cars.

catalyst converters

All the designs of these systems require the installation of the so-called l (lambda) -probe with electronic control of fuel mixture for optimum operation of the engine and catalytic converters. Moreover, the lambda probe prevents fire situation during disturbances in the operation of the engine (the interruption of the ignition system, poorly functioning candles, etc. or during prolonged engine braking, can occur when the system overheating. At the same time the probe is the most vulnerable element of the system exhaust gas after treatment. It is easy to imagine that in our conditions, taking into account the quality of domestic engines and of quality even unleaded fuel, the problem of reliability of the catalyst converters is one of the most important.

You should follow the basic rules outlined in the instruction manual cars. They are aimed at preventing a situation in which the neutralizer can get a significant amount of unburned fuel.
The most common recommendations can be summarized as follows:
- should not be useless to spin the engine with the starter for a long time;
- in the cold season, when the engine is not started on the first attempt, it is necessary to avoid repeated inclusions starter at short intervals of time;
- you cannot start the engine by towing;
- do not check the work cylinder by removing the spark plugs.

Elbert Fitzgerald, chief engineer, about freight vehicles that are equipped with catalyst converters. Read the article to find out why catalyst converters are a mandatory elements of every modern car.

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