Freight Brokers and their professional services

Freight Brokers

Transportation play an important role in the economy - according to the American Association of Freight, these big wheels generate gross revenue of $ 346 billion in the last current year, take on jobs of more than 9.5 million people and transported 6.5 billion tons of cargo. And 77 percent of all American communities rely on cargo trailers as the only source of delivery. Major long-term contracts are usually the result of direct negotiations between the shipowner and the charterer or international bid. However, most transactions are done through a special intermediary company, ship brokers. Sphere of activity differ freight brokers, booking agents in the linear shipping and brokers for the sale and purchase of vessels. Freight brokers specialize in different types of fleet tanker, bulk, brokers chartering of vessels for the transportation of heavy loads, brokers operating in the market reefer fleet, forestry, transportation, multipurpose tweendeck vessels, mixed and coastal navigation. However, these divisions are arbitrary and reflect only the basic specialization of this broker.

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