The safety of your cargo is our main goal. We take all the necessary measure to make sure your goods are reliably protected from damage. We pay maximum attention to the below mentioned factors to ensure the safety of any cargo we transport.

We choose the right packaging material to protect your goods from:
- Mechanical influences (friction, shock, vibration);
- Biological factors (insects, rodents, harmful microorganisms);
- Climatic factors (high or low humidity level, the active change of temperature regimes).

Safe cargo loading. The professionals of our company use modern equipment and specialized dock levelers to ensure fast and safe cargo loading/unloading.

The height of the loading dock is determined by the height of the body of the vechicle, although there may be exceptions in the case of loading and / or unloading using non-standard methods. The length of the loading and unloading ramps should be determined depending on the turnover and the capacity of the warehouse, as well as on the basis of the space-planning of the building. This specialized device is usually applied to rail and road transport and can be used to facilitate and speed up loading and unloading works. The specialist of use the best Toronto loading docks to ensure the safety of cargo of our clients. We implement the latest technologies and equipment in the transportation industry to provide businesses and individuals with effective and safe solutions for transportation of any type of cargo.

While the transportation itself all the packages are loaded in special order, that allows us to transport them safely. All the packages are fastened, so nothing can be damaged. We are using the tips from a reputable Langley moving company, who are working on the relocation market for a long time.

Secure mount. All goods are securely placed inside the vechicle and fixed with special, reliable fastening. When transporting a particularly valuable and expensive cargo, in order to secure it from damage, we use special double-layer air bags that have valves with high strength level. Cargo transportation monitoring. Nowadays, the newest information technologies are being actively implemented in the cargo transportation industry. With the help of innovative solutions, our clients are able to follow the route of the cargo from anywhere at any time. Upon the arrival your cargo is stored in up-to-date self storage units in North York that are equipped with climate control system to ensure favorable storage conditions for any type of cargo.